Friday, August 18, 2006

Yahoo's Imitation Of Google Sitemaps

So, I was submiting my feed to yahoo this afternoon, and I came across this new look (of the submition page)which is not such a copy of Google's Add URL Page but thats not what im trying to point out here.

I found a link that said "Manage Your Site And Get Indexed" so I clicked it, sounded interesting, and it is a COMPLETE copy of Google Sitemaps. Here is a screenshot of "Yahoo Site Explorer BETA" and "Google Sitemaps"

Yahoo Site Explorer BETA Google Sitemaps

You can see that the "Add Site" box is at the same place as Google has it. The feeds row is in the same place, the site veryfied row is also in the same place. The "Delete Selected Sites" is in the same place. The only changes I can see are that Yahoo has a searchbox on the top of the screen. Also I noticed that Yahoo does not have all the indications Google has, like "robots.txt Analysis"

Allthough this is kind of a rip off, I think its good that yahoo and google are one step ahead of MSN, Yahoo has a very smart "Yahoo Slurp Spider". And people (well I do) like to get, not only google, but more search bots to get indexed in different places. So I think this was a good move from Yahoo, but lets see how Google takes this Rip Off.

If you want to get Yahoo Site Explorer click this link,


Hosting-PLUS! said...

Burned! Big time. Let see google steal some of YAHOO!'s ideas now.

Nitecruzr69 said...

No guys, there's no show stopper yet.

Unless Gav and I are reading the Yahoo Sitemap instructions wrong, you have to add a uniquely named FILE to the ROOT folder of your website.

This has been discussed before. Blogger doesn't give you that spacific ability. Blogger uses a meta record, in the blog header, for ownership verification, in their own site mapping.

That may be a problem with Blogger Beta too, until we have raw template editing.

Peter said...

Hi Gavilian,

Got to this blog through Chuck's post on the Google Help group. This looks like it is Blogger Beta. Is that correct? And nice blog. It filled my whole screen (17" I think) and when I resize it to 800x600 using javascript:top.resizeTo(800,600)
The blog still look nice and there is no need to scroll. What template are you using? Is it one of the standard Blogger template?

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