Tuesday, August 15, 2006

New Version Of Google Talk []

Google hasent yet to relese the new version in IT'S website but, as always, the system leaks and other places get the download. They have added a "Voice Mail" feature that you can leave a voicemail to a contact that is offline or busy and they can hear it later, even if they have the old version. Also they have added the most requested feature "File Transfer" which you can send ANY type of file

"Google Talk now has file transfer! Your friend will also need to have, but currently it does not look like you need any ports to be opened, making it a very handy and extremly useful feature to have

A small percentage of users (such as those behind restrictive proxies) will not experience the highest level of file transfer speed possible. "

So the file transfer thing might take a while for all your friends to get, but hey, its a start. Other than that, they did not add much more, although they did get rid of all the bug problems.

To download the new version you can go here http://www.customizetalk.com/ at the very lower left corner click "Testing version:" and click run.

Here is the link post to the Ofiicial Google Talk Blog Entry and here you can see what they have added new on Google Talk

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Nitecruzr69 said...

File transfer will be useful. Voicemail maybe.

But where's the Buzz??