Thursday, August 31, 2006

Analytic's Tips For Optimization

Google Analytics

Google Analytics recently gave a few tips in their blog about optimizing your results and your site in general using analytics. Here are 2 that cought my eye.

Create a funnel path and goal that mimics the expected navigation
You designed your site, so you know how you expect your users to navigate through it. Create a funnel and goal that mimics the expected path that your site is designed for.
So this means for you to Goal Track your main portals of your site. So, this way you where people are going, gives you a better idea of your visitors.
Give it a few days
Give your site a little while to perform, and let Analytics collect at least 3 or 4 weeks of data. Weekends, special events, and holidays may lead to skewed results so giving your site some time to perform enables you to get more reliable, indicative metrics.
So dont expect to put in the code and GET results a day after, let it sit and wait a while, this way you get more comprehensive stats

Google Analytics is a very good utility, but, as all things, it takes time to settle and take impulse.

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Peter said...

I read on one of your post on google analytics that you can check dead links on my site. I have Google analytics on one of my sites and I can't find that section on dead links . Where can dead links be found on Google Analytics?