Monday, August 21, 2006

Googles, Fly Over Google Earth

Googles Logo

Goggles is a Game made by Mark Caswell. In this game you can fly over "Google Earth's" images of your choice, between, London, Dublin, New York, Washington, Los Angeles, San Fransisco, Boston, Philadelphia even Mars and Moon! and many others. You can fly over this using your arrow keys to move around and you can go up and down, if you go down completely you will blow up your plane. You can also shoot little balls into the air and hit things.

Goggle's Interface Flying Over Goggle's Shooting Over Goggle's Crashing

Mark Caswell posts some updates on the interface of his game, to see them scroll down. As, "PLEASE NOTE: this game is a beta! It's not actually finished yet and I hadn't intended to release it." so this is still not finished meaning he will add more things to it. So if you want to have some fun, check Goggles out!

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