Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Google Video Updating Equals HUGE Pay Out

Here is what happened after the revision of Google’s homepage: The Video link replaced the Froogle and Groups. The chart below shows that Google Video’s traffic from the homepage surged from 50% to 70% in a single day.

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That is A W E S O M E

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Nitecruzr69 said...

Dude I told you before - when you see a huge spike like that, it's simply folks trying to figure out their way around the new layout.

That's not happy customers.

Now Google is big, and they have a huge customer base. So that spike, even if it convinces folks to leave (and some probably will check out the competition, looking for a non fckued site), won't make a lot of difference (positive or negative) in the long run.

But please don't take that as an example of how to treat your customers, particularly if you're just starting a website. New websites have lots of competition. The competition is the most immediate beneficiary from changes like what Google did.

Treat your customers with respect.