Saturday, August 19, 2006

New Google Desktop

Google Desktop

Google has released Google Desktop4, and this is the best version they have had in a long time. In this version they took out some known bugs they had before, like the IE Bug that
Let Hackers Phish With Google Desktop
, among others. Also they have added 410 Gadgets or "Utilities" as I like to call them, with all ranging from these topics News, Tools, Communication, Finance, Fun & Games, Google, Sports, Lifestyle, Technology, and more!

They have also made it a "Side Bar" instead of a bulky searchbox in your start bar. There is also a Mac version coming in late November.
Google Desktop Sidebar Google Desktop for Mac

And they made the new version multilingual now, they cover 26 languages. read more...

The whole thing takes a few minutes to set up because of all the options they give you, but its all worth it, you have everything organized and placed where you want.

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