Sunday, August 20, 2006

Google Analytics Instant Signup

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Google Analytics recently announced in their blog "We're open! Instant access now available" which means that they got rid of their 24-72 hour wait for the invitation code. Which was a mayor turn off for me, and I'm sure for you all too.

If you don't know what analytics is, its a way to track your site that Google has provided. All you do is put in a META TAG as you would do with Sitemaps and it is tracking your site for activity. They give you bar graphs and pie charts of different things like Visits and Pageviews, New and Returning, Visits by Source (meaning referring links). And they also provide "Goal Tracking" which is a way that you can keep track of a special post you made in your blog, or maybe a specific part in your site that you want to keep track of. They have a very good utility called "Site Overlay" which tells you which links of the interface of your site are being clicked the most and others that are called "Dead Links"

Site Overview Goal Tracking Links View

Analytics also lets you have up to 10 people in your account, by this I mean, you can have 10 people that can either look at the reports of your site, or 10 people that can create a Sub Account and keep track of their site. So if you have friends that have websites, invite them to get the most out of your account.

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