Thursday, August 17, 2006

Picasa Web Albums

Its a pretty cool utility, you can upload your pics to the internet but with picasa, and they give you 250MB of space to upload! (You are currently using 15 MB (6%) of your 250 MB.) The only downside I can see of it is the fact that you have to use Picasa2 BETA to upload them. But it makes it easier because you have complete control, and Picasa Scans your computer for all Pictures, I found pics I never knew I had! They also give you a sub-domain so all your friends can see your pics, mine is just so you get a peek, and considering its google thats a pretty sweet SHORT URL. People can comment on your pictures and you can add captions (as in a little cloud with text) Online.

Here are some snapshots

ACP Of Picasa Web Albums How Others See Your Web Album The Comment Box

Although I think they did an amazing job, I think there is still some room for improvement, like multiple users in one account, like analystics, this way friends can post their pictures and share them online, plus, they can fill up one account instead of just having 1 person with an empty account. And if they would let people edit their templates, now what I mean by this is, to let them add Meta tags and meta descriptions, this way they can keep track of their site with analystics, submit their page to SiteMaps.

So if you have lots of pics upload them and let others see in a organized, clean and cool fashion


Nitecruzr69 said...

So how do you link Picasa to Orkut?

Nitecruzr69 said...

BTW, is not a subdomain, it's a subdirectory in the PicasaWeb subdomain.

Pretty neat still, but it's not a subdomain. is a subdomain.