Friday, August 18, 2006

Google Video's Shortcomings

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Google's video service is easy to use, but is it coming short when it comes to programs you actually want to watch

The websites that allow you to upload videos is growing every day, which most have short clips of spoofs, odd videos, extreme, and informative videos. Some offer instant uploading like YouTube, and some edit videos, like Google. Now I know google edits videos for profanity and course words. Just like this video I uploaded, which they "bleeped". I know this is good, so we can keep it clean, but, this is also a turn off for some users, not because of the bleeping part, but because of the time it takes for it to get accepted and be "Live". Because of all the people uploading, it takes time to edit the video.

The Good: An endless supply of viral and funny videos, and a simple upload procedure.
The Bad: Some videos are paid, and a poor selection of them, and users are limited to their controls.
The Ugly: Good for a few laughs, but not the place to see The Complete Season Of CSI.

So Google Video is a good utility from google, but because of the edit and the strong selection of what they let online its a bit of a turn off. Now what I ment by saying "not the place to see The Complete Season Of CSI" is that, I have the complete 5th season of The Sopranos, and I uploaded an Episode to see if they would accept it. I ended up getting warned, you do the math. Google Vdeo is a good utility, according to the user's intents and needs.

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