Thursday, August 31, 2006

Creating Image Spam Filter For Gmail

The new groovy thing for spammers is not to e-mail text with spam, ohh no, they have to go the extra mile. Now they attach images with text in them so they can fool you. So I tried this, it is working for now, but some spam is getting in through anyway. So I need to see this in more deeply. But try this filter, it does block SOME image spam.

Has the Words | multipart/related .gif
X Has attachment

And to forward everything to the trash (which will automatically clear after 15 - 30 days.)
I tried that, since I check my e-mail various times a day it did work, but I dont know about people that dont check their e-mail for a long time if this tactic will work, ill post more comprehensive image spam filters once I get to test them all.

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