Saturday, September 16, 2006

25 Things Danny Sullivan Hates About Google

Danny Sullivan wrote an article on SEW (Search Engine Watch)where he named 25 things he hated about Google, here are a few that I really would like to comment on.

3.Stop confusing people. Pick a user interface and go with it!
Google keeps testing and testing various UIs. If I had the time and energy, I'd take all the screenshots people have posted and put them into a single "Google of the future" page. Then again, they probably wouldn't commit. Enough with the testing! Decide on something and go with it, then change it later if you need to.
Well, if we see this in Google's eyes, it means more people talking, blogging and posting about their new update, and more people going to google and trying out the new style. But, I do agree with you that it is confusing, although I think they should have a few styles in your settings and you choose the way your search interface looks.
5.Easier access to all your tools.
Life at Google is more than web, images, groups, news, Froogle and local. Maybe I want to switch to mobile search, book search, catalog search or yes yes yes blog search with an easy click from the existing query I've done. I can't. I can't even if I use your toolbar. Many of these services remain in "visit directly" mode.
Jesus, I could not agree with you more! going to that service page, to then click on labs, to then get to Google Reader and they have services that aren't even there, like Analytics, its a trip, thats why I love saving Links, but whatever, people don't like to bother going to every link and then looking for what they want. Lets face it, people are lazy, like me, and they want things digested and given to them, so do it Google!
7.RSS feed for web search
OK, I know the results don't change much, and I know that RSS feeds of web search that Yahoo and MSN offer are hardly winning over mass numbers of users. Still, why not? Since you offer RSS for news search results and other things, let me monitor web search the same way.
Again, I agree, I do so with news searches of Google in Google News, and it works, why not give it a little update and do so with the plain Web Search.
11.Stop giving away Blogger for free.
It's just full of junk. Junk, junk, junk. If you let anyone have it with no barriers, surprise, some are going to take it and do bad things with it. Problems With Splogs & Time-Based Searching covers how you've reinvented free home page spam that sucked in the 90s. Why are you allowing it again now? Charge people even a token amount ($1 even), and that will be a big barrier. Who's going to ding you for charging a $1 start-up fee that you can levy through Google Payments?
I agree with you on the part of that Blogger is full of junk junk junk, because it is, mostly just dead blogs. But why make it have to be paid, then all you would get is a bunch of angry people, if you just want the junk off Blogger, just start a cleaning process with all the old blogs and set a new barrier for current blogs.
19.Let Gmail display more than 100 items.
After archiving 50,000 messages 100 items at a time, I really wished for the ability to view more than 100 items per page. I still want that when I'm having to review about 300 spam items per day. This can't be that hard. Can't we have it?
100 items is more than enough, and they aren't going to change their product, which is free, because if it was paid it would be another story, because a portion of their users get spammed each day.
21.Give me a list of all my referring pages in Google Analytics and make them clickable.
C'mon. WebTrends has offered stuff like this since, I dunno, WebTrends 1.0? But in Google Analytics, I have to go to Referral Conversion, then see individual URLs rolled up under sites, then cut and paste things if I want to go to the page that sent me traffic. It could, and should, be much easier.
Yes, Yes, Yes, Yes! PLEASE!, analytics is an awesome utility, but without referring links is something most Page Tracking utilities have, why cant Google have it too?

These are just some of the things Danny Sullivan mentioned in his post at SEW.

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