Friday, September 01, 2006

Googoling Domanins

Found on Google Blogoscoped by way of Barry Schwartz, Google has changed their method of serving search results for domain specific queries. For example, if one was to search for '’ on Google a week ago, they would have been served links to the domain, info on the domain such as sites linking to it and its cache, along with similar co related sites.

Given the high search volume of well branded domains, it only makes sense that Google would change to a more user friendly result option for these searches. I imagine this will be a breath of fresh air to all of those out there who search for ‘’ in their Google toolbar as opposed to entering the URL in their browser address bar.

The new format displays the intended site at the top of the results, along with sub-domains of that site or sites related to it.

Google Blogscoped Post | Example Google Search for Googolians

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