Sunday, September 03, 2006

Google Page Creator Beyond The Beta

Google Page Creator
While I was working on my Google Page I found that they had added a "More..." part which is more utilities you can add to your page, however, these are Beta in the Beta, so there are risks, here is what google has to say about this.

The Google Page Creator team is always busy developing cool new features. Some of these are at the point where they're usable for the most part, but not quite ready for prime time. The astute reader will point out that all of Google Page Creator may be described as not-ready-for-prime-time. But the experimental features we're talking about here are the beta of the betas, designed for early adopters among early adopters, pushing the envelope inside the envelope — you get the idea.

If you turn on experimental features, sometimes you might not see anything special. Other times you might see an entirely new user interface, or new toolbar buttons that will disappear a week later. What you get may have bugs or usability problems — if you find them, please tell us so that we can weed them out before the features go live to the rest of the Google Page Creator population. If you decide later that you don't want these features anymore, you can always go back to the Settings page and disable experimental features, but if you've created pages in the meantime that relied on experimental features, it's possible that those pages will now behave oddly.
Which means that there are risks depending on what utilities you choose.

There are hundreds of them to choose from, because not all of them are from google, which can be a disadvantage or advantage. Here is how to activate them.

1. Go to your Account Page and look for "Page Creator" and hit the "Settings" button.

2. After pressing the "Settings" button click on "Enable Experimental Features" and click Ok on the form given.

3. Go to your google page creator and click on "Manage (Title)" and you will see a button named "More..."

4. Click the button that search the new Gadgets.

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