Saturday, September 02, 2006

Google Products in 2020, Part III

"Where's Part 1 and 2?" You might ask, it's over at Googlified where I originally posted. You might want to checkout Part I and Part II before continue reading this post, but it's your choice. ;)

google 2020

As you might noticed, I wasn't so often lately, because I was having a field trip to the future, the Year of 2020, just got back. ;)

In the previous two part of the Google Products in 2020, I mainly write about the 2020-version of the now existed products, but haven't write about any products that Google will launch in the future, so Part III and IV will be about these not yet available products/services. "Google Account is required".

Google Space Travel: Google Lunar Station(The Googlunaplex) is no longer a April joke. Unlike Google describe it as a station for scientists, it's a 4 star hotel for the Space travelers, free foods are available. Codename: MadeByLego

Google Operating System: Not this blog I am talking about, it's a real OS like OS X, Linux, and Windows. Using this OS is free and doesn't require high-end computer to process difficult task, all you need is a Internet connection to communicate with the Google Servers, they do the job, and send back to data. Codename: ThinkHuman.

Web π or Web Pi: Web 1.0(1991 to 2004) -> Web 2.0(2004 to 2013) -> Web 3.0(2013 to 2020) -> Web π (2020 to ?) Google in 2020 released the standards of Web Pi, which represents the web is non-stop like the decimals behind 3 in Pi.

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