Monday, September 04, 2006

A Note Of Google

While looking for some videos I stumbled upon this Spanish news video about google, which had a few lines that caught my eye, since the video is in Spanish I will translate what the voice says since im from Puerto Rico and know Spanish.

"Its the most used search engine in the world. It indexes about eight thousand million pages all over the planet. If it would exist in other places, im sure it would do it to. The Definition of the word google comes from the mathematic term designed to 1 continued by 100 zeros, its to say, that this company symbolizes the objective to organize the immense information that is available on the web. Google is used by everyone in every corner of the world. With an index of more than 85 thousand million pages of websites this search engine organizes all the information pertinent to everyone in all the parts of the world, and makes them accessible to who is searching for them. In 1998 comes the company. Its founders never thought they would make a monster of a search engine on the web. These college students, while locked in their basements, created a machine of information never doubted from their ignorance that they would merdge with one of the best administrators of companies, Eric Schmidt . Like this, these three united to make the idea of these college guys to make one of the biggest companies of our time. Their starting page invites people of ALL languages to search the web without having to comfort to another person's style. Google is one of the most recognized trademarks in the world, this has been made possible by the "word of mouth". But business is business, google makes profits off advertisers that want to appear in google and Sponsoring Links. Without a doubt this has become an indispensable tool for every day life."

I highlighted some of the notes that caught my eye.

The Definition of the word google comes from the mathematic term designed to 1 continued by 100 zeros
Googl comes from that phrase in Latin, they changed the name to Google so it would make more sense and look better.

In 1998 comes the company.
This is a big shocker because it is a very big deal for a company to have this much success in 9 years, on a Global scale, they have made a lot of advancements over these 9 years but they also have made some enemies like Microsoft, for more on that read This Article

Google makes profits off advertisers
Which they made a new revolution in advertising because AdWords and the Ads they put in their searches are not really Ads, they are "Sponsored Links" which they fool the user into thinking its not an Ad when it really is. You can read more about that here.

I watched this video and thought it was worth a mention, hope you liked it.

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